Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hot! It is just too darn hot here! Whew! Hasn't really rained in about a month (seems longer), and the temperature is staying around 100° or more. OUCH! It's been 105° to 108° -- give or take a few thousand degrees -- on my back porch for the last week or more. The tomatoes are wilting ... the geraniums are yellowing ... and the Plumeria is just not happy at all! If that sounds like I'm "whining" .... sigh ... I am! Kind of makes us all feel like ... well ... like this:

Grin ... My mom-in-law sent me this (thanks Barbara!), and since it kind of looks like my cat Cheeto, I just had to share.

Something else that's HOT .... a give-away from Colleen Leader of Loose Thread Stitchers (at least I think it's hot!). Anyhow, check out her blog here and enter for a chance to win one of our new charts -- "Let Freedom Sing!". The picture is below, and we hope you like it.

Sorry this is sooooooooo short, but we're going to go turn down the air conditioning (again!) and try to cool off. You do the same, and stay inside and STITCH!!

Until next time ...

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