Saturday, September 12, 2009

Welcome to Autumn ....

Oh wow .. where has the time gone? I can't believe it's nearly officially Autumn again. When it's happening the time just seems to slowly go by ... but when you look back -- it flew out the window!!! To quote Mary Engelbreit -- "Time flies whether you're having fun or not." Yes, it certainly does. In any case, I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful summer and that you made a lot of awesome memories! Here, we're been trying to come up with a lot of ideas for designs for you to love. While I'm not sure we totally succeeded, I think we may have a few you'll like. I've heard the Christmas ornament issue is out, and we do have a design in there for you called "Plaid Greetings" ... and yes, it's a wee little Scotty dog (being bad and unraveling his ribbon) -- but that's ok, it ends up spelling out Merry Christmas! I can't wait to get my copy to show you a picture! Of course you've hopefully seen our little owl (below, previous post) -- "Ollie" -- that was in the recent Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue. He might just show up later to say hello again. He was a lot of fun to design and stitch, and we hope you liked him! As I said last time -- we have a new design just out called "Happy Halloween," and I've included a picture here. Her name is "Misty Boo" (she was actually named by the lovely ladies at The Strawberry Sampler) by one lady giving me the name "Misty" and another "Boo-ty" ... so I put them together and voilĂ ! Misty Boo was born! And instead of a "tease" ... here she is:

Isn't the frame DARLING!!?? We just love the color and the Polka Dots, and the crescent moon that Molly painted on there to reflect the moon button. We so appreciate her doing that for us! And just in case she reads this .... kisses and ear fluffs to Sammy & Miley Coyote!!! I DID tell you I love those doggies, right? You can see their pictures at her blog "The Patch" in my list of blogs that I read.

Well ... back to stitching my Christmas Angel. OH ... and don't forget to go to Just Cross Stitch for your free Halloween design to download.

Until next time ....


  1. Hi Jennifer, your blog looks great - I'll start following it. Thanks for the link on Facebook!

  2. Yahoo and congratulations, Jennifer!! Mistyboo is wonderful!! Miley Coyote and Sammy will love her too while I stitch her up! They send their licks and love!! Molly

  3. What an adorable blog...where do you find the time? Get stitching! LOL

    Kathy or Lisa, whichever you prefer