Monday, May 25, 2009

Remember our fallen heroes ....

"Land of the Free because of the Brave"

Good morning, and Happy Memorial Day! Just wanted to tell everyone to have a wonderful day today, and to please keep in mind and heart our fallen soldiers, and thank the ones that we are privileged enough to have remaining with us. I "swiped" the picture above just to put on here, and I do hope the person I stole it from will forgive me.

Got quite a bit of printing done this weekend, and hope to finish it up in a day or so. But golly -- printing on one little lone printer sure takes some time! Sigh ... then you gotta fold 'em, paste the picture on and bug 'em and bag 'em. LOL! Oh well, I'm proud that I'm able to do this and that (sometimes) people actually like my designs!

Well, enough of this yakking from me. Off to make the baked beans for the Memorial Day picnic with friends. Until next time ...


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