Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a day ...

Sigh ... what a day this has been. Even though it's not a Friday, I can sure tell it's the 13th .... boy is it the 13th!

Worked on the new chart all day -- first time I've ever done a chart where I had to explain "Areas". There are ten (count 'em, 10!) and some of it's so hard for me to explain and sound like it makes sense. Oh well -- we'll keep working on it. That took most of the day and I'm still not sure it makes sense!

Stupidly put some charts in my mailbox last night knowing I should take them to the post office, but was too lazy to do that. Well guess what -- you got it, someone took it out of the mailbox. They left the flag up, but took the mail. Oy vey ... what's with people?

After deciding to change my blog (why do we do blogs?) address, I realized no one could probably find it unless they went to Ladybug Lane first. How crazy was that of me!!?? So I had to repost the URL for that on some of my Yahoo groups .. and of course, I got it wrong! Well ... I got it right and added the "com" at the end -- but didn't add the dot com. ARGH!!!

Maybe all this is because hubby is in Canada training. He'll be home Saturday, but it's no fun when you feel like the other half of you is missing. So ... just for him ... I posted a link to a song I love. Go look/listen if you have a chance (under songs for a flower child).

Before I go today ... I'd like some help if you have time or feel "creative". I'm working on a teeny tiny set of designs to be released next year, and I want to call the group something fun and interesting. I don't want to infringe on other designers, but can't quite come up with a title for the grouping. Not tinys ... not littles ... minis maybe? If you come up with something -- no matter how trivial you think it sounds -- leave me a comment here, or email me at (that's DOT COM!).

Hoping for a better day tomorrow -

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  1. Thanks for the tune, sweetie... I'll be home on Saturday, and I'm all yours for the rest of the weekend.